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Gather Round

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A Community

As the closest restaurant and outside bar to campus, we're a community destination with good eats and camaraderie as strong and warm as a pour of Tennessee whiskey.

  • Complimentary valet parking for diners*
  • Closest hotel to Vanderbilt University

*Excluding special events and overnight parking.

Hours of operation

Monday-Friday: 6:30am -3:00pm, Dinner from 4:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: 7:00am-3:00pm, Dinner from 4:00pm-10:00pm

Bar Hours: Monday-Saturday: 4:00pm-12:00am & Sunday: 4:00pm-10:00pm

Close up of hand holding the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

American Fare, Nashville Style

From the Seven Layer Adobo Chicken Salad to our Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, Central Bar + Kitchen delivers a local flavor worth the trip.



Save The Date

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01 Jan

Live Music

Join us for live music on the patio! Check out our full schedule by clicking below. Come join us!

Music Line Up

28 Jan

Brin Banta | 6pm-10pm

29 Jan

Janine LeClair | 11am-1pm

01 Feb

Steven Cade | 6pm-9pm

02 Feb

Melanie Lenau | 6pm-9pm

03 Feb

David Brinton Banta | 6pm-10pm

04 Feb

Jordan Depaul | 6pm-10pm

05 Feb

Chris Carpenter | 11am-1pm

08 Feb

Christen Ball | 6pm-9pm

09 Feb

Kirby Lyle | 6pm-9pm

10 Feb

Chris Smothers | 6pm-9pm

11 Feb

Christen Ball | 6pm-9pm

12 Feb

Callie McCullough | 11am-1pm

15 Feb

Emily Stevens | 6pm-9pm

16 Feb

Christen Ball | 6pm-9pm

17 Feb

Chris Smothers | 6pm-9pm

18 Feb

Chris Carpenter | 6pm-10pm

19 Feb

Callie McCullough | 11am-1pm

22 Feb

Julia Lamperella | 6pm-9pm

23 Feb

Faith Lindsay | 6pm-9pm

24 Feb

Chris Smothers | 6pm-9pm

25 Feb

Christen Ball | 6pm-10pm

26 Feb

Janine LeClair | 11am-1pm

orange cocktail with a fresh orange


“Order Me a Cold One”

Take a seat and enjoy the warm atmosphere at our indoor drinkery; or, sip, mix, and mingle on our bustling outdoor patio. With two fully-stocked bars to choose from, glasses are full, and spirits are high.

located at nashville marriott
at vanderbilt university